The Soul Behind MyndZen

The soul behind Myndzen

I am a woman, a scientist, a corporate America survivor, a leader, a writer, a mother, a sufferer, a toxicologist, an advocate for equality, a volunteer, a dancer, a cancer researcher, a singer, and a nature lover. In the eyes of the world I was labeled “successful”, but my seeming success came with a big cost: I consistently negotiated away parts of my Self in exchange for security! I lost my Self in the process. My body started giving out on me. I hit rock bottom physically at the pinnacle of my outward success! And then I started to see the light.

From my heart to yours, I want to share with you all that I have learned in science, philosophy, and my own human experience. Join me, as I illuminate hidden connections between our body, our mind, and our everyday experiences in a way that allows us to be fully who we want to be.                                                                                                                           


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