Conquer Stress – Defeat Burnout – Live your Best Life

Let me show you how you can work with your mind, body and every day experiences to take your power back from stress, and change your brain and your life for the better.

What Clients Say

"Tzeli is a life saver! I can't recommend her enough. I started working with her due to major burnout within my field. I've been working at UC Davis as a substance abuse counselor for 19 years and just felt like I was 'done'. When we started working together my Burnout self-reported assessment score was, 8.5 out of 10. After 3 months my Burnout score was reduced to 3.5 out of 10! Tzeli is worth every penny!"
Stephanie Lake, UC Davis Addiction Interventions Services Counselor.
"The Healthier living leaders at Dignity health were very impressed with MS Triantafillou’s expertise. She gave them a renewed self of self-awareness, self-compassion and practical tools to protect them from burnout."
Sydni Aguire, Dignity health, Healthier living program manager.
"Tzeli has a beautiful intimate knowledge of the science of the body and the mind and she applies her own experience with stress, in such a way that it comes off very easy to understand and to follow."
Joanna Jullien, CEO, Core Connectivity
"I attended two of Tzeli's trainings about Professional Burnout and self-care. She is an excellent trainer. I learned a great deal that I was able to immediately use in my work as a therapist. I have also been able to teach my clients what I learned from Tzeli to improve their lives. I would recommend this training for any organization."
Barbara Field, LMFT, LAADC
"Tzeli has a strong and clear passion when speaking about often difficult subjects. I admire her ability to connect with her audience in an infectious way, that inspires her audience to question themselves, like never before."
Martin Dougan, former CEO, AIDS ACTION, UK
"If you want to hear about a topic that addresses one of the most important parts of our lives and critical to our overall happiness and well being “a healthy brain”, then you will definitely want to book Tzeli to present to your group. You will be very happy you did."
Joyce Blonskij, PresidenT, Blonskij Financial Services, Inc.
"Tzeli so eloquently presented how our body’s response to and external stimuli can lead to physical illness and shorten vital functioning. We were all touched and received insight. I loved her presentation, her timeliness, and professionalism. I truly needed to hear her message."
Kim Scott, RN., MSN, MBA, Conference Chair Rethinking Mind Body Health conference
"I always learn something new about physical and mental health when I am in Tzeli audience. She is a very knowledgeable and engaging speaker. Her knowledge and ability to touch her audience through stories impacts both the quality and length of life of the audience members."
Gary McKinsey, 2014-2015 President, National Speakers Association
"Tzeli has a captivating presence about her. She exudes passion and expertise in her field and you want to know what she has to say. She has a knack for taking complex concepts and breaking them down to manageable pieces. "
Lisa Ordway, Novartis pharmaceuticals
"Tzeli’s right! We have the power to change our lives. We just have to make the decision to do it. Tzeli, I admire you!"
Cristoball Jimenez Priego, Founder, Crushit Properties
"Tzeli’s speech was so inspiring and hit many areas I needed help with."
Maya Vang, Talent Acquisition, Comcast

Myndzen Speaking

Tzeli has a passion for communicating life-changing truths. She used the same critical thinking that allowed her to synthesize cancer drugs in the laboratory, to systematically organize knowledge and resources that can intercept the toxic impact of stress on our overwhelmed, modern lives.
In her presentations, Tzeli brings science to life by re-acquainting you with your own amazing internal neurobiology and how it can hurt your health and happiness when “untamed.” Although you may not always have the ability to control challenging aspects of your professional and personal life, you will be offered practical ways to adjust your response and minimize the impact of those situations.

Myndzen Coaching

According to the international coaching federation 80% of people working with a coach, experience improvements in confidence and life work balance. Tzeli knows how to develop SMART Goals that get results and will work with you side by side with tangible resources that allow you to transform your life to the life you want.
When working with Tzeli, you will have access to the problem solving ability that allowed her to develop drugs against 3 different types of cancer to create your own path from where you are to where you want to go.
Tzeli is a certified Integrative Wellness Coach and an Ambassador of the Integrative Wellness Academy.

Myndzen Retreats

Do you ever find your self feeling overwhelmed and lost in the midst of the frantic pace of our modern life? This may be a great time to hit the reset button with the ultimate experience: a Myndzen retreat designed just for you! Whether you choose a day, weekend or week-long retreat, get ready to disconnect from the conditioned way of thinking and re-unite with your best self! All you have to bring along, is your commitment to leave behind all limiting beliefs and experience life from your own power!
I will show you the culprits to your health and happiness and your amazing capabilities for change and transformation. The life you want awaits...What are you waiting for?