Nurture Your Mind

Nurture your mind

Each and every one of us is designed with a remarkable capacity for greatness.
And every moment of everyday we perceive the world through our five senses, often infiltrating our core with unconscious imprints.

The media have long been using our energy to direct our attention to messages that shape our perceptions and behavior unconsciously.
When we enter the hamster wheel path of society’s norms, we frequently sleepwalk through life, forgetting universal truths.

Nurturing our mind is the conscious choice of investing time everyday to bring to consciousness the brilliance of our species that far outweighs our limitations.

In our information overload era, we have access to knowledge and wisdom as we never had before. At a click of a button, we can access informative scientific papers, books, Ted Talks, and podcasts. Yet, the average American watches over four hours of often mind-numbing TV per day.

I challenge you to nurture your mind by directing your energy to places that expand your possibilities and enhance your understanding of your limitless potential.