Loss is defined as the “Harm or distress that comes from losing someone or something.”

I should be a loss expert. I have lost my grandfather, my son, my first love, my dog, my country, my life as I knew it, my childhood friends, and the Mediterranean sea. But in spite of all that, I am far from a loss expert.
Loss still unravels me like nothing else at this level of existence and brings me to my knees.

The truth is, we all have and will continue to lose things or people outside of our control. We may lose our job. A friend may no longer be our friend. We may total our car in an accident. We may lose our home through a natural disaster. Our marriage may end. Even worse, a precious dear one may die.

To experience the pain of loss is inevitable. How may we honor the pain of loss, learn to be with it, and garner its invaluable lessons?

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