It is true that we do not get to pick our family, yet the cards that we are dealt when we are born into the environment we call our family sets the tone of how much work we may or may not have ahead of us to be fully acquainted with our best self.

It is in the parameters of our family that we establish our attachment style, which forms the basis of how we relate to others. Our family also forms the foundation of our emotional intelligence. Whether or not we had healthy role models will have major implications on our sense of self- worth.

Regardless of the family we were raised in, there are two critical aspects within our control.

One: If our family did not provide us with the healthiest role models, we have the opportunity as adults to alter any and all parameters that do not serve us.

Two: We have the divine purpose within our own family to be the change we want to see, by applying a myriad of principles at our disposal to be attuned parents and raise emotionally intelligent human beings.

What did you learn in your family of origin that no longer serves you? How can you make changes? And what do you want to do differently as a parent of your own children?

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